Growing Something Good in Indianapolis

Uplift Produce is happy to announce the opening of its local Indianapolis indoor farm. The facility will be located in Indianapolis within the Englewood community, east of downtown. The facility is a commercial-scale indoor farm that will be growing, harvesting, and distributing produce to markets and restaurants in Indiana and surrounding states.

Controlled-Environment Agriculture

The indoor farm utilizes hydroponics technology to grow plants without soil. The facility uses high-end clean rooms similar to those found in computer manufacturing as well as special filters and ultraviolet lights to control air and water. This is all designed to keep the food safe and nutritious and to limit the use of water. The indoor farming operation will use 95% less water than a traditional farm. Furthermore, the environmentally friendly focused packaging will use 35% less plastic than traditional produce packaging. All of this will be done while still producing tons of ultra-fresh produce each year.

Uplift Produce CEO Chris Arnold had this to say about the facility and the produce: “We care deeply about people’s health and well-being. That is why we grow consistently clean, nutritious, fresh, and flavorful produce, utilizing a combination of cutting-edge research and revolutionary technology. We are able to do this while demonstrating care for our environment and limiting our impact on both the local and greater environment.”

Uplift Produce currently is actively growing produce. Watch the produce section of your local grocery store later this month as we begin to roll out our first six product offerings.

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