Community-Focused Agriculture

At Uplift Produce, we have a purposeful approach to farming. This approach not only improves the health of consumers and the sustainability of the environment but also improves the prosperity of communities. Our recently opened Indianapolis facility is located within an underutilized, inner-city area as we strive to serve the local community. The commercial-scale indoor farm will provide job opportunities for years to come within the local community, and our model provides for funding for community development. Uplift Produce has the mindset that community is where we find identity and purpose and plans to serve the community alongside friends and neighbors to lend a helping hand and to uplift one another. That is why Uplift Produce is leveraging resources to focus on uplifting the local community.

More than Job Opportunities

Our commercial scale farm was built within a revitalized building that had not been operational for some time. The facility has been refreshed and renewed and today utilizes patented, sophisticated, digitally controlled hydroponics and LED lighting systems that will annually produce tons of the cleanest produce available within Indiana. However, unlike typical agriculture, the produce is sustainably grown, will be non-GMO and pesticide-free, and is harvested all year long and delivered to markets within hours. All of this allows consumers to experience an ultra-clean eating experience. Our newly opened facility will initially offer baby romaine and arugula as well as four blended mixes of greens that will be available within Indiana and the surrounding states.

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