Growing an Ultra-clean Eating Experience

Our Indiana facility is now online and has trays of flavorful, fresh produce is now growing with delivery planned to begin later this month.  Our commercial-scale indoor farm located in the Englewood area of Indianapolis will be growing a variety of produce products.

Initially, our indoor farm is growing six lettuce offerings that will always be non-GMO, pesticide-free, and sustainably grown.  Our location ensures that products can be delivered fresh to market within hours of being harvested and packaged.  Harvesting at the height of freshness ensures that our produce offers peak flavor and maximum nutrients.  This helps us to deliver consumers an ultra-clean eating experience like no other.

Here is a list of our initial produce offerings:

  • Spring Mix – A light and deliciously tender blend
  • Arugula – A brilliantly nutty flavor
  • Uplift Mix – Our signature blend
  • Baby Romaine – Perfectly balanced with a touch of sweetness
  • Bold Mix – An exotic blend with a hint of spice
  • Hearty Mix – Robust and richly balanced

Beginning soon, our facility will be delivering tons of the clean, fresh produce to local markets and restaurants in Indiana and surrounding states.

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